laborhistory.org.au is a project of the Chifley Research Centre.

The Chifley Research Centre is the official think tank of the Australian Labor Party.

Through laborhistory.org.au, we seek to engage Australians in the history and stories of the Australian Labor Party and to ensure Labor’s policy and philosophy continues to be informed by its intellectual history and heritage.

As laborhistory.org.au grows, we aim to bring together new historical resources on the ALP so users, whether they be students and teachers, researchers and activists, or interested members of the Australian community, can gain an understanding of the story of the ALP as a whole.

This dynamic and interactive project offers users the ability to trace the history of the Australian Labor Party from its foundation in the 1890s to the election of the Hawke Government in March 1983. We also encourage you to share your own stories and experiences to further enhance the collection – to stand in testament to the hundreds of thousands of Australians who have contributed to the democratic development of Australia.

The Chifley Research Centre is proud to offer this project as our contribution to Australian political history.

We also thank the Canberra Labor Club for making this project possible.